Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we have ShopPay and AfterPay as an option for you to choose from. 

What type of Gold does Zlay Jewelry sell?

We take pride in offering you jewelry that is crafted from the finest materials, ensuring that every piece is made from 100% authentic 14k gold and .925 silver.

What is 14k?

"14k" refers to the purity or fineness of gold in jewelry. It is a measurement used to indicate the proportion of gold in an alloy. The "k" stands for karat, which is a unit of purity for gold.

In the case of 14k gold, it means that the alloy is 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals (such as copper, silver, or nickel), making it a total of 24 parts. Therefore, 14k gold is approximately 58.3% pure gold. The addition of other metals to gold is common in jewelry-making because it enhances durability and alters the color of the gold.

What is Silver .925?

".925 silver" refers to sterling silver, which is a high-quality silver alloy commonly used in jewelry and other decorative items. Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, usually copper. The reason for adding other metals is to improve the metal's durability and hardness.

The ".925" notation indicates the purity of the silver in the alloy. To calculate this, you take the pure silver content (which is 100%) and multiply it by the decimal equivalent of the percentage of silver in the alloy. In this case, 92.5% pure silver is represented as ".925" in decimal form.

Sterling silver is popular for jewelry making because it retains the luster and beauty of pure silver while also providing the necessary strength to withstand everyday wear and tear. The addition of copper or other metals contributes to the alloy's hardness and makes it more suitable for crafting durable and long-lasting items.


Standard Delivery by UPS

Orders are generally processed within 24-48 business hours. During sales and launches, it is possible processing may take slightly longer.

Orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed the next business day.

Unless an expedited service is requested, your domestic order should arrive in approximately 2-6 business days after shipping if ordered by 12:00 noon (PST). We do say estimated delivery because once these packages are in the hands of the carrier, Zlay Jewelry has no control when unforeseen transit/weather delays occur.

Expedited orders must be placed by 12:00pm (PST), or they will ship the following business day. Please note that they will not be delivered on Weekends.

Once your order is dispatched, you will receive shipping confirmation and tracking details.

Please be sure that your shipping address is correct at the time that you place your order. Zlay Jewelry is not responsible for packages with incorrect shipping addresses inputted by the customer - with or without package protection
Zlay Jewelry is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages shipped without Package Protection (available at checkout) to a confirmed correct delivery address. We automatically opt you in for package protection and by removing this from your order, you are taking responsibility for this shipment. When the package is in transit without protection, the carrier and the customer become responsible.

Zlay Jewelry and its affiliates cannot be held liable in any way for the choice of shipping carrier.


How long before I will hear back from customer service? 

We strive to provide you with the best customer service in the industry and kindly ask for 24-48 hours to respond to inquiries submitted during Monday-Friday.